Spot the Squirrellaunched July 4, 2021

As far as I know there is only one photograph on the website, as of today, that has a squirrel in it. Find the squirrel, note the name of the photo and head on over to contact. Put “Spot the Squirrel” as the subject and tell us which picture and where you see the squirrel. We may reach out for confirmation so no guessing top left of random photos. The first received correct answer wins a discreetly personalized poster of their favourite photograph on the website. Good luck!

Error Huntingongoing

We all make mistakes and if you find one of ours it’s a free fridge magnet with your favourite photograph from the website on it. Now we’re talking dead links and spelling mistakes here, not opinions. I’ll cheerfully debate whether or not Guinness is the best tasting beverage ever created but it’s not going to get you a photo. Found a mistake? Head on over to contact and put “Error” as your subject line. First find of each error only.

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