Interview with Laurie Smith from Millenium Media

Our first interview is with Laurie Smith, the Creative Director and Photographer for Millenium Media. I’ve known Laurie for a few years and for me, it makes her photography that much more enjoyable. Laurie’s images are always beautiful and if you get to know her, you find out they are also amazing reflections of her personality. Looking at her photographs always makes me feel like we’ve just had a quick visit. Thank you very much Laurie for giving us your time and for going first!

name: Laurie Smith / Millenium Media

bio/artists statement: Photographer/Videographer/SMM Specialist/Documenter since 2006

How long have you been doing photography and how long professionally?: Since 2006

What is your most used camera / gear?: Canon

Do you shoot primarily in digital or film?: Digital

What software do you use for processing images?: Adobe products

Why did you choose photography as your creative outlet?: I have done many forms of art since my childhood. Digital media and arts stuck the most.

What’s the best advice about photography or going pro that you’ve received?: Be prepared to work overtime, get paid nothing to start, and never stop building a portfolio

Do you have a website or upcoming events to plug?:

What question do you think I should ask the next photographer?: What determines a successful photographer?

Thanks again Laurie, I really appreciate you kicking off our interview series. Please do go and check out Laurie’s work at and get to know her a little better.

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