I’m worried about Namecheap

I don’t understand my hosting company’s business model and it’s starting to bother me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hosting company. Namecheap has been the best hosting I’ve come across and they revived my faith in the online after a string of problem hosting companies. These folks are the best.

Because of that I want them to always be here for me and I don’t understand how they can do that. I just used half an hour of technical support (minimum, that’s how long our conversation lasted, who knows how long they’re working in the back) to get the lowdown on their new pricing structures and yes I know the web page said support ticket but can we just skip all that because it seems like too much work, I don’t know half of those answers and can you do it for me?

I must be a terrible customer. It’s the shared part that makes me get shared hosting. I’m more interested in website building and pretty pictures than I am the day to day of running a server. Because of this I feel very free to contact customer support whenever I have an issue that I can’t fix myself.

And they’re always there, always helpful, always friendly and more important to me, they have always fixed my problem. Even when it becomes obvious it was my fault and I’m an idiot.

So why am I worried? Because they just did all this work to cut my bill in half. I was already wondering if the price I paid for hosting covered the wages of the technical support I get in a bad year. Like when a site got hacked. So this new plan has more, costs less and should make the website run faster. I may be an idiot but I’m no dummy. I’ll take the better, cheaper package and use a discount code. But Namecheap please, make sure you can afford to take care of me for years to come. Please.

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