Island Direction

Perhaps you’ve heard of Island Time. It seems many large islands have a very relaxed attitude towards life and especially work. Vancouver Island is no exception and someone expecting the same speed of service, response or anything else as you would get in a city on the mainland, may find themselves endlessly frustrated. I remember a friend trying to get a dangerous tree removed. It took 2 1/2 months to get someone out. Although that guy was pretty good. He would actually phone and let my friend know it was too nice to work and he was going to the beach. My friend had to wait for that perfect day of no rain but not beach weather.

Here on Vancouver Island we also have Island Direction. It may start because we have North Island and South Island. Now North Island is farther north than the South Island is but it’s not straight north – It’s actually more north west. A lot more. But it makes sense that if you’re going from the south of the island to the north of the island you would be travelling north. So we call that direction north.

Directions here depend on geography. Mountain on one side, ocean on the other. Island stretching in between. Here in Nanaimo, Mt Benson is to the west, the ocean to the east, North Island to the north and South Island to the south. Except they aren’t. Mt Benson is SW, the ocean is NE.

When tagging the Witchcraft Lake photographs I used the terms northish and southish to try and combine Island Directions with reality. And that is the reason for this post. Now you know Island Directions and know that I know it’s not really North or South or East or West. So from here on in I’m using Island Directions. Welcome to Vancouver Island!

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