Seems to be working….

Well it seems we’re finally back together. Web work is always interesting. Got to have enough plugins to make the site functional but not too many or things slow down. Pictures need to be high enough resolution to show off our photographs but still small enough that the page doesn’t take all day to load. It’s much like processing images.

Processing raw images is the digital equivalent of going in to the darkroom with your negatives in film photography. All the choices about exposure, colour depth, contrast, highlights, shadows etc are made to produce the final digital image. Does adjusting the contrast darken the shadows too much? Flare out the highlights so the photograph is nothing but white? Process to take a little blue out of the the picture and watch it turn yellow.

There should be something clever here about balance but it’s been a long week. Please enjoy the remade site, ponder balance and if you notice anything wrong, or just want to say hi, please get a hold of us.

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